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July 20, 2016


Dear Fellow Montanans:


It is a time for good-byes and hellos.


        The good-bye comes from Mary Baker, the COPP's longest serving staff member. Mary will be leaving the COPP to move with her family to Bozeman where her husband has taken a new job. Mary's last day of work is August 26, 2016. The hello's come from Kym Trujillo (who will assume the role of program director of the COPP on August 27, 2016, the day after Mary leaves) and Noah Horan, who begins work as a COPP compliance specialist on July 25, 2016.


        Mary's tenure at the COPP was remarkable in length and accomplishment. Mary served as lead COPP staffer to seven Commissioners (Vaughey, Higgins, Unsworth, Hensley, Gallik, Murry and Motl). During her tenure the COPP added the investigator and staff attorney positions and instituted electronic reporting. Mary was a respected and beloved administrator whose work was consistently praised by her co-workers, public officials and political committees.


        Kym has worked as a COPP staffer for the past 10 years. Kym's history with the COPP will aide her when she assumes the lead COPP staff position. Noah is a native of Helena, Montana and a 2014 graduate of Carroll College.


        Please feel free to contact any of us at the COPP if you wish to discuss theses changes or any other campaign issues.




Jonathan Motl







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